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Sustainable East Sweden

Picture of a red barn by a field of beautiful flowers on a cloudy summer day.Picture of a red barn by a field of beautiful flowers on a cloudy summer day.

Sweden is actively working toward the global sustainability aims within Agenda 2030, which was adopted by the world’s leaders in 2015. The aims will contribute to social, economic and environmentally sustainable development, and should be reached in 2030 by all countries of the world. The ambition of the government is that Sweden will be a leader in this.

With many robust companies focussed on sustainability and research at the very highest level, East Sweden has a good basis for big investment in environmental business development.

There are many innovative companies and outstanding research in, for example, environmental technique, green businesses, bio-economy, sustainable transport, energy system solutions and climate adaptations.

Expectations in regard to the responsibility of companies are constantly rising. In order to continue to be a region which leads the way, sustainability work is incredibly important. In East Sweden we see providing meeting places that look after the best interests of both people and the environment as self-evident. Many of the region’s hotel and meeting facilities have the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and are certified in line with the Green Keys International Ecolabel for conference and hotel facilities.

There is a broad range of businesses here in the region that take responsibility and offer climate-smart food with ecological and locally produced ingredients. In the region we manage our waste in an environmentally friendly way, work with reduced usage of plastic and consumables, take responsibility for reducing chemicals as well as working constantly to reduced energy use.

We happily take a little extra time together with our meeting organisers so as to encourage visitors, by mutual communication, to behave in a more sustainable manner all the way from the journey to East Sweden, through the choice of accommodation to activities. At large congresses we also offer climate compensation for the environmental impact of the guests.

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